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Thread: 1994 R 1100 RS Throttle Cable Slack and Throttle Body Synch

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    1994 R 1100 RS Throttle Cable Slack and Throttle Body Synch

    I have a 1994 R 1100 RS with about 52,000 miles on it. I have only owned for about a year. During that time I have replaced the right throttle body ( a mistake since I could have just rebuilt) and I just finished rebuilding the left throttle body along with other maintenance (oil change, air filter change, valve adjustment). I have attempted the Zero=Zero procedure along with synching the TBs but have had little success. I must be doing something wrong. My idle is too high and the throttle is still surging. I have noticed there is quite a bit of slack in the cross over cable on the left TB. I am wondering if the cable is too stretched for me to achieve a decent TB sync. I've tried watching youtube to figure things out but still find myself confused. I appreciate any insights you might have for me.

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    Unless modified, you have the single crossover cable that wraps around the left pulley and crosses over to the right. The key to synching this set up is to have exactly zero free play between the throttle bodies - adjusted at the right throttle body (TB). And then about 1mm free play between the twist grip and the left throttle body.

    I set the free play at the left TB first and then go to the right side and synch the right side to the left. If done correctly you will find zero free play between them. They need to move together throughout the full range.
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    Although a bit trickier the early crossover throttle cable system can be adjusted to work pretty well. Takes patience and following Paul Glaves steps will get you there.

    Here's a visual from the manual to help you with Paul's instructions.
    Throttle Cable Adjust.JPG
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    If you did indeed try Zero=Zero, you need to know that is outdated information. Famous, but outdated. A user here named "roger 04 rt" has done extensive study and experimentation on the R1100 system.

    Certainly, the cables need to be adjusted as indicated above. But if you moved the throttle position sensor, it needs to be set correctly.

    I *think* Roger's latest advice is here (hopefully he'll chime in if not). It saved my bacon when I did exactly what you are describing (zero=zero). Go to post #17 in this thread:

    Follow it step by step. You'll have a very very close if not perfect setup.
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    Thanks for the input I will give these things a try!

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