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Thread: Source needed for Allen head carburetor top retaining screw

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    Source needed for Allen head carburetor top retaining screw

    I installed these stainless, Allen head carb top retaining screws on my R90/6 decades ago, and forget where I bought them.

    I need to replace one, and do not want to revert to the stock Philips head ones.

    Does anyone have a source for these, please? It's circled in red:

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    Bing seems to have them...but looks like they sell kits w/ 8 screws for both carbs:

    Call them and see if they have any ideas for one or two.
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    Thank you, Kurt. That is greatly appreciated.

    I contacted Bing and they do sell individual screws #40-573 @ $4.61 each.

    At that price I'm glad I'm not building the Space Shuttle, but it beats wasting money on four or eight.

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    I look at McMaster Carr ( for a lot of stuff. When you go to the web page don't just look at the picture for the main category. Look at the name of the main category. You can drill down from there to find a lot of variations in the category. I don't know what size screw it is but for instance McMaster has M3 by 10 for $5.91 for 100.
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    go to Look under Allen Head Fasteners. They have countersunk flat head in stainless in many sizes for less than 20c each.
    The head is flat instead of domed. Remember when you measure these type of screws the nominal size is the total length.

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    What about your favorite hardware store? My local Ace hardware has a great selection of metric fasteners, in different head configurations, oval, flat, allen type, philips, button head, etc. Just my 2.

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