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Thread: Lowering S1000XR

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    Lowering S1000XR

    It might not be possible but is there a way that is not too technical to lower the seat height on the 2018 S1000XR? My other bike is a 2006 K1200R and the height was perfect for my 5-10 body. Thanks

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    Welcome to the forum
    There are several owners here, but kinda slow at times.
    Quickest is the low seat option that is available on a lot of models, next is a lower set of aftermarket shocks...not the low budget fix for sure.
    Some friends have added a thicker sole to bottom of riding boots to gain a bit as well. Once again a low cost option.
    Coming off a K1200R, I know it feels diff, but have you ridden it much yet?
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    I just got the 600 mile service done but I am leaving in a couple of days for a 2 to 3 thousand mile trip.

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    Soupy's Performance Lowering links

    I'm 5'6" and just bought my S1000XR. I purchased the lowering links from Soupy's performance. My BMW tech installed them and lowered the front forks. Perfect! I can almost flat foot. And the cost was reasonable.

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