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Thread: San Diego Bound

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    San Diego Bound

    Just throwing this out there. Trailering (I know, I know, hold the comments) from South Dakota (where we still have snow on the ground) to San Diego. My wife is taking off on an ironbutt run early on the morning of 6/15/19. Me and my K have elected to not join her but rather to hang out at a Campground near Mission Bay for the week. Looking for some good day rides out of San Diego or anyone who wants to ride and show a lost South Dakotan the fun roads around southern Cali. Open to any day ride suggestions you may have. Will gladly reciprocate assistance with anyone visiting in my backyard located in the beautiful Black Hills of Western South Dakota. (Yes 25 miles from Sturgis). Thanks, Kyle.

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    To get you started, and in no particular order.

    * Highland Valley Road
    * Old Julian Highway
    * Sunrise Highway
    * Palomar Mountain
    * Rice Canyon
    * Couser Canyon
    * Pine Creek Road
    * Mesa Grande

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    Head up the coast about three hours (less maybe with lane splitting) to Ojai. Take Hwy 33 north from there to Hwy 166, then west to Santa Maria. From there you can follow the PCH as far north as you want. You won't be disappointed.
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