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Thread: Warning: Not a Rave Review of the BMW R1200RT

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    2015 R1200RT Part II

    As several suggested I do, I have spent two days riding and getting a better feel for the R1200RT.


    I think its best feature maybe is its light weight. Even filling up the gas tank increases the mass noticeably, so that's good because you don't have to fill it up but you can if you want to for longer range. Large tank is a plus.

    Another unique positive is its looks. It is definitely one of the better looking cycles out there, especially compared to the Japanese or Scandinavian competition.

    I readjusted the position of the Ilium Foot Pegs, moving them down and to the front. Now I would say that the ride is quite comfortable. The seat is flat, which is good. Some other BMWs I've had were "U" shaped, which I cannot abide. The handlebars are just right so, overall, I'm quite comfortable. Nice, roomy bags and topcase.

    The Boxer engine character/ low gravity center is obviously a plus that no other has, maybe the Ural. I like the windscreen. The "U" dip at the top of the windscreen is a genius idea. I like the heated bars and seats. Harley has those too.


    Still nothing special to say about the power. It is adequate. My '83 GS1100e had more grunt 'n' go and I believe Harleys torque out better.

    The turn indicator switch is very poor. It's tiny and I can't reliably locate or feel it with gloves on. BMWs used to have left hand right hand indicators. I think the magazines talked BMW out of them. Big mistake. I just use arm signals. Advantage Harley.

    Biggest negative is the price, both the new MSRP and the price I paid for a four year old example. I should never have paid $14.9K and it sticks in my craw. The 2010 - '13 model years would be the better investment, IMO. I understand the newer wet head has some more power and probably is more rideable in the heat, but I doubt the additional power is that noticeable.

    The electronic gewgaws with the multifunction display is not desirable to me. I have to sift through too many screens to get where I want to go. Most of the features are interesting but not worth $2000. The modes and the ASE are not valuable to me. The radio is not valuable to me. Most riders are better served with in-helmet speaker bluetooth and their smartphones. I still cannot find AM radio. I suspect Angela and her comrades don't want me listening to Rush Limbaugh.

    I still only have one key, which isn't enough when you have the not-color-matched topcase. I do not care for the bad trip the BMW Dealer I purchased from put me on.

    Over all, it is a very fine ride and I would like to keep it, if I can learn to live with the feeling that I got fleeced.
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