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Thread: Renewal + change to digital membership

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    Question Renewal + change to digital membership

    I hope I'm posting in the correct subforum. If not, mods feel free to move the thread wherever it should be.

    I'm due for a membership renewal. As much as I love the printed copy of the MOA news, I think it's time to save some trees. Besides, now that we have a baby, I can't read books and magazines in bed without a light and instead just read my Kindle.

    So I see there's a "Membership" box right on the forum page to join. However, it doesn't work for renewals. Similarly, when I clicked on the renew link in my email, I cannot get to the digital membership option. How does one accomplish this?

    Oh hey, while I'm here, does the MOA have any sort of reciprocal agreement with the AMA, or discount program for memberships in both?

    On a positive note, I've enjoyed my membership so far and wouldn't consider not renewing! How's that for some double negative action?

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