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Thread: Denali DRL daytime running light impressions?

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    Denali DRL daytime running light impressions?

    Looking for impressions and mounting pics of these 6 led units. These will be used for conspicuity only and not for nighttime light projection. I would love to get some real world impressions. I have looked at Skene Design photon blasters, but am concerned about the exposed LEDs on the front of the bike. Thanks for your insights..
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    Denali DRL pics

    Hey Long Rider 2!

    You asked about pics of the DRLs mounted, and I haven't seen anyone reply. So, I have a couple I will toss up for you to just get an idea of what they look like.
    denali drl.jpg
    denali drl2.jpg

    The first just shows what they look like, and the second gives you an idea of the brightness. (I know, I know, that's a Yamaha--we can't all have flawless taste ) I saw you ride a 700GS--I should be getting a set of these soon for my bike--I ride a 2015 F700GS--and as soon as I get them mounted, I'll pop pics up--mostly so you can see, but so the next time you see my bike you'll wave at me!

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    Thanks Louise. They do look nice and bright!
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