Change of Ownership: Ironhorse Motorcycle Lodge

For my motorcycle community friends, for the past 15 years I have had a very close friendship and customer relationship with Ironhorse Motorycle Lodge in WNC. The owners, John and Charlene Powell have been amazing in the development of a first class resort for motorcycle enthusiasts. The long time staff have been not only friends…. but family. I’m sure a lot of the guests have felt the same. Randy, the former manager was as close as a brother, Charlene, Pam and Charity like sisters. Many new friendships with work campers and numerous friendships with guests.

John and Charlene have supported me with much help with annual Eldridge Children Home benefit providing food and labor to help feed the attendees and much support to the mission of the home and its kids. Plus untold support to other organizations and charities.

Since I have endorsed Ironhorse Lodge for years and hosted many groups ( MTF, Spring Training Camp, BMW groups and Friends gathering) seminars in Garmin BaseCamp and other events I feel that I need to disclose that as of 2019 the Ownership has changed. I wish the new owners the best and same success as the previous owners.

The new owners have some “very large boots to fill” and I wish them the best. Is this an endorsement for the new owners? NO.

They will have to prove themselves to the many fans of Ironhorse Lodge and earn the respect and admiration that the customer base has become accustomed too in years past. Should they keep the present staff and management in place they will have no problem to continue without missing a beat.

Best wishes to John and Charlene Powell in your next step in life….enjoy the well-deserved retirement.