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Thread: emissions removal 1992 r100r

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    emissions removal 1992 r100r

    i have asked this question before but i am not really on board with the advice i got
    i just got done removing all of the solenoids and fuel line stuff under the starter cover and i have everything buttoned up nicely,however there is a ground wire that was tied to the cover and ran up near the ignition module. there are a few other wires that were grounded to the backbone of the frame ,connected to mounting screws for the module bracket. i figured that is fairly unlikely that it was a ground strap for the module to tie the frame to the motor being that it was such a light gage wire and that it was tied to the starter cover and not directly to the motor. hoping that it something to do with the solenoid stuff. i have removed it but have not fired up the bike yet. i have read through a lot material dealing with the removal of the emissions system could not find any mention of the ground wire.

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    Leave all of the grounds alone. If the hoses are properly routed or removed the ground wires are not material.
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