I recently decided to go LED and bought three ADVMonster H7s for my RT. Installation was uneventful as I tore the fairing off and worked on the headlight housing removed. I finally got a chance to get her out at night and was very disappointed by the result. Note, I don't think there is anything wrong with the lights themselves, they are very well made and very bright and they didn't have any CanBus errors. I think that the problem here is something to do with the housing? I have no idea so I thought I'd post pics here as I know many of you have them installed as well.

The first picture shows the left side of the beam pattern which I found to be excellent. The central hot spot though has this upslope that wasn't there with the incandescent bulbs they replaced. The arrow points to the point that the bike is aiming at to show where center is for reference.

The next picture highlights the main problem in that there is no light projecting on right side at all. Obviously this is a deal breaker and my main point of confusion. I don't understand why one side would be different than the other as the pattern is symmetrical with the stock bulbs.

The last picture is just a view without any lines drawn for reference. I love the color and the brightness but that asymmetry just doesn't work for me. The high beam isn't shown in these images BTY. Can anyone that has these "bulbs" installed post a similar picture? Both lights are properly installed and fully seated in their mounts so I don't thinks it's a mounting problem. I would really appreciate any feedback you folks could provide. Thanks!