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Thread: Cardo packtalk with JBL sound

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    Cardo packtalk with JBL sound

    Hello fellow members,
    I'm a new member in Spring Texas and absolutely love riding my R1200RS recently upgraded from a F80ST, which was also a great bike! So on to my question, my RS is equipped with the NAV6 and I was looking for feed back from anyone that has used or is using a cardo packtalk with the NAV6 ? How well do they work together, how is the sound quality especially if you have the JBL speakers? (I know this is a relatively new product so not sure how much feed back is out there for the JBL) currently I'm using an android phone and bluetooth ear buds, music is working great for me but GPS directions voice is very scratchy. And I would like to just be able to put my helmet on and not mess with the ear buds.
    I mostly ride solo so my biggest concern is clear voice for GPS and quality sound for my music!
    Any insights into this will be much appreciated
    Thanks !

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    Hi there,

    I have a Nav VI and Cardo PackTalk Bold (non-JBL version). I only recently purchased the Cardo set - upgrading from much older UClear units.

    Here are my early impressions:
    * Very high quality sound.
    * Cardo Voice Command works well, but not perfectly.
    * Nav VI and PackTalk play well together, though it's a one way relationship. You can clearly hear turn by turn from the Nav. But as you probably already know, all Nav VI controls remain on the touch screen/wonder wheel - there are no voice commands to the Nav.
    * There is a learning curve for the Cardo, due to its complex and sophisticated abilities. For instance, I've learned that when you add a cell phone to the mix, you face decisions of what you want to work. For example you can either have the Cardo Connect App fully function between phone and headset, or you can have the Garmin Smart Link App work between the phone and Nav VI - but not both simultaneously. This is driven by the order/sequence of how you pair the three devices - not any inherent software incompatibility. (I believe one runs into these kinds of limitations with ANY headset.)

    I did find a very attractive price online for the 2018 PackTalk Bold Duo (non-JBL speakers) at Mass Depot -
    Just $342 shipped, with no sales tax. These are genuine Cardo units brand new in factory sealed box. I have successfully registered my two units with Cardo. (I'm not in any way affiliated with Mass Depot, just can vouch that this deal is legitimate).

    Ride Safe!

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    It seems as if they are discounting the Non JBL units quite a bit.

    The 2019 units are priced quite a bit above.

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    I have the Packtalk Bold with the JBL speakers and the sound is amazing for music and phone. My brother and I bought the dual pack and they came paired out of the box. Comms are clear as a bell with the DMC.
    It is also the easiest system to connect to my bike's TFT and I-Phone XS. It all works as advertised. YMMV
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    Just purchased the 2 pack of the Cardo Bold with JBL speakers myself after some research. Decided these instead of more Sena 20s/20s evo units.
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    This page from the cardo website states that older Pactalk units are compatible with the JBL processing. The newest update to the firmware and the Cardo connect app have the option for the activation with the QR code. Does that mean I have to buy the newest speakers to use the processing? I upgraded the speakers the first year I had the Packtalk.

    What does the app look like when you 'activate' the profiles?

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