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Thread: R90S tires

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    Post R90S tires

    What tires came on R90S size and manufacture

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    The owners manual for the R90S can be viewed and downloaded from on-line resources. Here are two -

    One of the long-time airhead experts (gurus) has a bit to say about tires, wheels, bearings, and more ...
    Following are a few links to start with -

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    Quote Originally Posted by czsib View Post
    What tires came on R90S size and manufacture
    Continental RB2 and K112. 3.25x19F, 4.00x18 rear

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    Suggest you find a good inch-sized tire. Michelin Pilot Activs are made in the proper sizes for the R90S.
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    If you are just going to show it off at Starbucks, go with the original RB 2 K 112 combo. If you actually want to ride the bike go with Avon Road Riders, Michelin Pilot Activs or Continental Classic Attack. All are excellent.

    I have the Conti Classic Attacks on my R 100S. Easy to mount, relatively long lasting for the grip and handling, both wet and dry, that they generate and a nice stable ride. Mine are scuffed out from rim to rim. I like them. Also have a set on my R 100RS (avatar photo).

    Ride fast safely

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