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Thread: Radio Removal - 2004 R1150RT?

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    Radio Removal - 2004 R1150RT?

    Does anyone know how to use the two black probe things that insert into the radio/tape deck for quick removal of it?

    I assume that is their function?

    I tried inserting them and then pulling up, expecting the radio to slide out of a mount. No luck!
    All the original manuals that came with the bike, including the radio manual, don't have actual instruction for using these two u-shaped inserts.

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    IIRC they have some indentations near the bottom of those prongs and they engage into the clips holding the radio in place.
    It is a matter of pushing them into the holes the right way to release the clips and then pull on the radio to remove it. It doesn't sound like you did it wrong...
    Both these prongs either face in or out with those indents. At least that was the way with my Alpine car audio.... Hope it helps
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