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Thread: Coolant/oil pump seals

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    Unhappy Coolant/oil pump seals

    The K-bike's combo coolant/oil pump has a famously tricky or fragile seal on the coolant side. Great care must be taken when installing that ceramic seal, and even then it may go all pear shaped. My question is this: why are the two seals different?
    Is there any reason one couldn't replace the ceramic seal with a seal of conventional design (e.g., like the oil seal)?
    I'm growing tired of buying expensive, exotic seals for this pump.
    BTW, the links (3) in the tech pages for this pump are inoperative.

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    Thanks for the heads on the links. IBMWR redid their webpage a while back and the links changed. I updated them just now in the tech library.

    Although I haven't tried them yet, check out this pump repair kit from


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