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Thread: Canít remove Nav

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    Canít remove Nav

    The bike is a 2018 R1200GSA.
    I bought the Nav VI with the bike.
    I’ve removed it many times to update it, etc.
    I was unfortunately off the bike for about 4 months with a back problem which is now solved. So for 4 months the bike sat with the Nav installed (battery tender, Non-E fuel and Stabil because I am not crazy).
    Then the dealership called with the spoked wheel issue, took it in 2 weeks ago and it did need new wheels. Got it back last Thursday.
    I mention the dealership visit out of completeness - they had no reason to touch the Nav.
    I wanted to remove theNav today to plug into the computer and see if it wanted an update.

    I can’t get it off. With the key in the unlocked position the plastic release tab on the back of the mount does not move. I’ve tried as much pressure as I’m willing to put on a plastic piece. I’ve tried pressing the Nav into the mount while pushing the release lever on the back to see if maybe the locking pins are hanging up in the Nav. I’ve tried the opposite - pulling on it while pressing th release lever, it’s fully and completely stuck.

    Any clues before I schedule a trip to the dealer?

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    Just double checked the sequence that's been successful for me:

    Turn key counter-clockwise so that slot is "horizontal".
    Pull larger left side slide to left.
    Push in (to left) smaller right side slide.

    That should release the Nav assuming the sliders do slide. Some months ago I did apply a whisper of silicone lube to each of the sliders - somewhat beneficial although they weren't really bad beforehand.
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    Ditto. Some days getting the thing to release on my '17 GSA is just silly easy but some days, not-so-much. I just walk away, come back and go through the drill again. Always works fine after I stop fuming. My BMW does not like negative rider vibes. It just knows.
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    After the tech djinn smiled on me I got the Nav off. Used some spray silicon lube on the lock slider that engages the bottom of the Nav and exercised it back and forth. Had some grit in it that was flushed out. Problem now solved

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