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Thread: Mid Week Rally

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    Mid Week Rally

    A few years back, the National was held mid week. It worked out great for me because I didn't need to rush home to make it to work on Monday morning.
    What has become of the mid week concept?
    Ron R


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    Mid week Rally

    The 99 Rhinebeck Rally was a mid week rally. It was scheduled that way to enable our attendees to better enjoy the very busy tourism area of the Mid Hudson Valley in NY State.

    Had we scheduled the Rally on the weekend, we would have had far greater difficulty with busy restaurants, local traffic, finding a sufficient number of hotel rooms, and lots more tourist traffic at the local area attractions. Doing a mid week rally was a good fit.

    As always when something new is tried, there was some controversy associated with the idea. A few local people actually complained that they were going to have to take vacation time to attend a rally right in their back yard when they were counting on it being held on a weekend. People who were travelling to the rally enjoyed having the opportunity to travel on the weekends preceding and following the Rally and only having to use one week of vacation.

    You're damned if you do and damned if you don't. It was a good fit for the particular circumstances for that particular Rally. If a similiar set of circumstances were to present themselves again, it might again be a good idea at some time in the future.

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    Membership surveys

    About every three years, the BMW MOA headquarters conducts a survey of the members. This is handled by an outside firm, which selects members from across the country, of different ages and genders. We try to keep it as close as possible to an honest cross-section of the membership.

    The total survey, handled via the telephone, takes about 20 minutes. I expect several of the folks on the forum have probably participated in these surveys.

    In these surveys, "the membership" continues to indicate that their preference is Thursday through Sunday rallies. Quite honestly, until these surveys change, I can't see the board setting up a midweek rally.

    I agree that I happen to prefer the concept of midweek rallies. (Wasn't Fredericksburg, Texas a mid-week rally too?) But they have never called me for the survey. Dang!

    My two cents worth............
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    And it ends up being a Thursday --- Sat. Rally as most leave to get home on Sunday.........................

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