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Thread: I found this on YouTube, the 2018 Finger Lakes Rally

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    I found this on YouTube, the 2018 Finger Lakes Rally

    Inspiring for us still stuck at home due to winter:

    It is also our local rally....
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    Nice Work!

    Good Shootin, Pardner!

    Recognize some of the roads, but never goin south from the Gr8 White North, Egh?

    Wholeheartedly support the blokes at the FLR! Since it always is the Labor Day Weekend
    (and that's our anniversary), we never know where we might be on that 3-day weekend...

    So Go To The GLEN! Get there somehow, and enjoy the Watkins GLEN Experience!
    Well worth your effort! Always something new to experience and discover, as well as meet new friends!

    Last year we did the FLR and enjoyed the lakeside scenery and the wine tastings! Most Memorable.


    Do Not Hesitate to Register in Advance.

    Perhaps we'll see you there; Undoubtedly see you at The National in Lebanon, TN.

    Regardez Vous, Y'all!
    P&K in HSV

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    Nice seeing the Wolf Island ferry! Rode that on the way to the Hamburg rally, and talked with some nice Canadians while on board.
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