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Thread: verifying original color

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    verifying original color

    Hi all,
    Can someone tell me how I would go about verifying that a restored bike, in Dover White, was originally Dover White? Seems like a good number of people are repainting black bikes DW. I thought that a DW bike would bring a bit more money due to rarity, but if I can't verify original color that might not be the case. Thanks.

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    During a restoration would have been the time to see if there was Dover White underneath whatever paint was there. But you can contact BMW archives and provide them the info you have for the bike (VIN, etc.) and let them search their records. They might be able to determine when the bike was built, what it looked like and where it was delivered. Try either of these emails:

    You might need to consider getting the vehicle certificate which provides more details...costs upwards of $100...form is here:
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    There're only original once!

    Look inside the head light bucket or the tail light can to see if its Dover White. If your bike has been restored it really doesn't matter what color it was from the factory because its not an original paint bike and you can't change that. If your bike is Dover White and has been restored properly then it's worth what someone is willing to pay you for it along with what your willing to take for it. If its a "so so" restoration good luck if your selling it and you should not overstate its pedigree as it may come back to bug you.

    As far as different colors that were available and in what years and numbers there are many stories, theories' speculations and supposed facts out there regarding the "none black" /2 BMW bikes.

    Some speculate that if it was a BMW car color it was available to have on a /2 BMW motorcycle, as far as I have seen so far that is simply not true.

    Getting back to your original question, I would have to restate "the value of a restored motorcycle rests on the quality of the restoration and the amount a potential buyer is willing to pay". After the bike is restored, unless it is serial number specific and verified to be "none black" then it really has no boost in value as a rare or desirable color in my humble opinion.


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    Dover white

    Thanks guys. I am actually trying to purchase the bike. I ha e a black one but for some reason always loved the DW. This one is the same year as my black. However my black is not restored, just a really nice old bike. This one has been restored, about a decade ago, and the work was above average, though not concourse for sure. Anyway, the price on this one is on the high side IMO, $20k, and even though I want a DW I would hate to overpay by a good amount, and would really hate to buy a bike that was originally black. I could restore mine and paint it DW in that case. 😏

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    The term "restored" has many meanings

    In the car circles some people will paint an engine and put shiny stuff on and say its been rebuilt. In some motorcycle circles a frame and sheet metal will get a repaint, stainless bolts, new exhaust and they say its restored. $20,000 does seem a little high for an older restoration and unless there is a picture history and other documentation of the work done it would be unreasonable. You would be better off either repainting your bike and at least you would know the history and the work done.

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