I love just about all things related to a motorcycle as long as it isn't obnoxious or unnecessarily loud (same thing), but I swear the neighbors kid and his ATV 4-wheeler is driving me crazy. Their house is probably 200 yards adjacent to ours and across the road with a fairly large yard (about a little less than 3 acres). The ATV doesn't run properly & goes dead every time he cuts the throttle. Round and around and around and around their house, across their yard non stop, except when it goes dead, then here he goes again. Also, it isn't super loud, but not quite either. This kid has literally ridden non stop since 3:00 pm this evening, and is still at it now even though it is dark. I am starting to really wish he would hit a tree or something just so it would STOP! They aren't bad neighbors & the kids are really good kids, especially for these days. He is just at that age where they do that, but I don't know how much louder I can stand turning up my TV Does anyone else find that excessive noise bothers you, or am I just too sensitive? Heck, I ride a motorcycle, love motorcycle racing, and ride a 4 wheeler myself.