Picked up a dual plug 2A Oxford power outlet, mounted to the dash pad on the bike for a GPS and phone charging, neither big power sucks. But the outlet has a nice blue LED in it that is illuminated when the power is on. So it needs to be switched power. My knowledge of electrics is just enough to make spark and smoke but I know this is not a difficult issue. There are a couple of switched sources in the fuse box, one I'm fairly certain is the security system (not so equipped) and the other is... Heated grips (also not so equipped but may be someday)? One is white female and one is larger black male. Both have a switched 12v source but the wire is light gauge compared to the power lead to the outlet.

There is an old thread here that talks of having the GPS power on all the time so that you aren't constantly prompted to turn it off or keep it on every time you shut the bike off. Our DL650 came with the Zumo 550 on switched power and I do understand the issue. My other thought is to use a stock BMW aux rocker designed for the dash pad. Motobins has them for relatively easy money, one 2-position with a blue light when on.

The question is can I run the power thru the switch directly as opposed to hooking in a relay somewhere in the line (perhaps back in the fuse box)?