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Thread: ECM reset

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    ECM reset

    After replacing battery on my 2004 R1150R it starts and runs only at half throttle will not idle.Any feed back much appreciated.

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    Just standby a while and chances are one of our Oilhead experts will get you on the road to recovery.
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    If the bike was fine before the battery change, the most common hiccup is when the tank was lifted the throttle cable ferule came out of the throttle body...usually the right side. It will sit just on edge of adjuster and cause all sorts of oddball behavior.

    Typically no reset of any sort is needed. The turn key on, roll throttle slowly on/off full range three times for the TPS sensor to learn range has always been one of those things you try as well. Seemed it worked better on certain Motoronic versions than others. We have a few different versions and I try it when changing the battery instead of remembering which model I'm dealing with.
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    Look for this on the right throttle body
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    Cool Thanks

    Thanks to all who took the time to help.Have a great folks.

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