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Thread: Near Norman Weather Ctr. and OKC museums

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    Near Norman Weather Ctr. and OKC museums

    Solo visit in early April 2019. Prefer mom/pop lodging and southwest eats. Any tips appreciated. Itching for spring on OH.

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    Whenever anywhere near OKC, I make a visit to the Oklahoma City Memorial in downtown area. It is exceedingly well done and simultaneously brings chills, tears and goosebumps to me. Every time.

    Not sure about "southwest eats." To me, that's just regular food. If you are talking about good Mexican grub, you gotta go a lot further south than Oklahoma.

    Good luck.
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    Seems one place to check out in Oklahoma City is Bricktown, a collection of eateries and bars, plus a bit of a river walk to check out. It's not too far from the Memorial. There is a ballpark in the area, OKC's triple-A team supporting the Los Angeles Dodgers.
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    A couple more museums in the area -- The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, in NW OKC. Find out how "Western" OKC really is! Also, while not a museum, check out the oil derrick on the State Capitol grounds.

    The second museum is the Seaba Station Motorcycle Museum on Historic Route 66, just east of US177, near Chandler/Warwick, OK. Small, but interesting.
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    Tips for OKC

    Quote Originally Posted by slip View Post
    Solo visit in early April 2019. Prefer mom/pop lodging and southwest eats. Any tips appreciated. Itching for spring on OH.
    Several good recommendations here already. I grew up in the area but now live a few hours east.

    Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial (I was there after it happened with several hundred other Agents)

    Bricktown - While there if you're looking for good Mexican Food I love Chelinos
    There's lots to do in the Bricktown area, from bars to baseball
    Toby Keith's "I Love This Bar & Grill" is a fun atmosphere with good food
    Baseball - games are cheap, seats are plentiful and your treated well by staff (actually appreciate people coming to game)
    Mickey Mantle's Steak House - Great BMW steak (Bring More Wallet)

    National Banjo Museum is also in Bricktown

    The Science Museum on MLK and about 50th is really well done

    Western Heritage Museum (Cowboy Hall of Fame) - 63rd and MLK (NW OKC)

    Cattleman's - Great steak place near Bricktown in the Stockyards area (Agnew & Exchange)

    Near OKC - The Round Barn in Arcadia - built in 1898 and on Historic Route 66

    I don't know anything about "mom/pop" lodging since I grew up there - if you can't find that I'd recommend the Skirvin Hilton which was a turn-of-the century hotel which had been abandoned for decades. It has been restored to its original glory (rumored to be haunted)

    If you have any specific questions or these aren't exactly what you're looking for let me know
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    I like Ingridís Kitchen

    I like German food so one of my default places to eat in OKC is Ingridís. They have some wonderful desserts 🍮 and baked goods. Have a great trip btw Oklahoma just put out a motorcycle guide that might interest you.


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    I'm noting all the great spots! Thanks, yes Mexican and German luv both, and will be getting boots there also.

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    Pigeon Museum in OKC

    I've been here twice and both times learned a lot about pigeons and the carrier pigeons used by our military. As well on one occasion watched some pigeons return from a release earlier that day.

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    It's not a museum but west of Oklahoma City a few miles is the 38 span Route 66 bridge. There's also the Cattleman's Steakhouse in the city. We like finding historic or quirky places. No info on a nice mom and pop motel though. Most of the ones in the area have low ratings, unfortunately.
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