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Thread: How to open a 49L top case with no lock?

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    How to open a 49L top case with no lock?

    I purchased a used 2004-6 era BMW top case. It was advertised as not having a key, but in fact it doesn't have a lock - the cylinder is out. I can get the latch to the luggage rack to open but cannot open the case itself. The portion of the lock mechanism that releases the top latch can be pushed in, but it acts like it's in the locked position and won't unlatch the top. I can't see what should be moved to get it to an unlocked position. Any suggestions on what to do to get the case open would be appreciated. I already bought a new lock cylinder but may be missing additional parts or may have to replace pieces if any are actually broken.

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    How to open a 49L top case with no lock?

    Big screwdriver (flat blade); insert into the hole left by the cylinder and turn very gently so you donít distort the plastic collar.

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    A "competent" locksmith can open it and re-key the lock to your ignition key for you. If it were open, there are good videos on YouTube showing how to re-key the lock to your key, but if you take it to a locksmith to open, might as well have him do the whole thing.
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