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Thread: I'm angry, thankful, and disappointed -- rear wheel almost fell off

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    That's a great story, Paul...thanks for sharing. It's a nice reminder that if we all approached life with a willingness to help when needed, what a changed world this would be.
    There is a similar story of equal import. Voni had left Kansas riding her R80/7 headed to some family event in North Dakota. In South Dakota she noticed gear oil all over her final drive. She and her passenger (one of four sisters) then got out the Anonymous Book. The first person she called said " Hi Voni, this is xxxx, I'd love to help but I'm getting married in an hour and am a bit tied up. Call Duane at ........."

    So she did. He told her where to meet him and she did. The diagnosis: the seal between the final drive and drive shaft was letting oil in the shaft to overfill the final drive. So it puked oil out the vent. He cleaned it up. He told her if it happened again to just clean it up, add a little to the shaft housing, and motor on. She did. It did. She did. And after a couple of thousand miles she was back home and I replaced a seal. That is the essence of the BMW MOA as I knew it then and know it now!
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