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I bought a Deltran Battery Tender in 1999 when it was the only model. Later, I bought a Plus model, put the Plus onto my Roadster and moved the original to my restored '63 Buick Riviera. The Riv is sorely neglected due to motorcycle fun, but today I went to where it sits and the Battery Tender's red light was on - steady. Connections were good. I unpugged it, found that the battery was charged, and started the car (after the dry carb was filled by the mechanical fuel pump). No problem there.

After I chewed up the water pump shaft and bearing and made arrangements for that, I turned my attention to the Battery Tender. I plugged it in, and no light at all. I touched the clips to see if there was any 12v juice - nothing. Is the Battery Tender destined for the landfill? Do they wear out? I can pick up a BT Plus from M/C Accy Warehouse through Amazon for $34, so that's what I will do unless there is an easy fix.

TIA for any advice.

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'63 Riv w/ Wildcat 445 engine that demands Sunoco 94 and LOTS of it!
The "Battery Tender" has to be attached to a battery that is not totally discharged...like it has to see maybe 9 or 10 volts or something before it turns on. You won't see any sparks, etc by touching the leads together.
It's probably fine.