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Thread: Gps?

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    Any good, user friendly GPS systems out there that will mount easily to R1150RT for under $350?


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    look for Garmin Quest @ Walmart online.The last time I looked the Quest was $350.

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    You can also look at GPS V which are being discontinued but a great solution for a first GPS.

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    Check the net, if I remember right Garmin has a site where they sell refurbished units with a one year warranty. Check it out

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    I got a refurb'd Streetpilot III Deluxe on ebay for $210. Included were all the cables, adapters, and software. As a refurb'd unit it had new equipment warranty, and was eligible for free upgrades to the latest maps.
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    You can still get a standard Quest w/ motorcycle mount from for $399.00. The powered motorcycle cradle from Garmin is around $72.00 so if that is in fact a powered mount it's not a bad deal. I purchased a Quest from Costco about 9 months ago for $299.00 but I have not seen that offered in awhile.

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    I recently bought a Garmin Quest on eBay for $289.00 using Buy It Now.
    This was a refurb model, but I can't tell the difference from a new one.
    I was able to use the included powered car mount on my bike, seems to work good so far.

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    I have a Street Pilot III, and find it is really tedious to plan routes. I don't use it for much more than a glorified speedometer. Would go with a more recent version that will transfer routes from the PC.

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    Here's another pic of my GPS.
    I like the Garmin Quest quite a bit.

    I used the included car mount that is a suction cup mount. Included is a plastic disk with sticky tape on one side for mounting on the dash. I just trimmed the disk a little so it would fit under the handlebars, stuck it to my bike, and then stuck the suction cup to it. As for the power, yes it has a speaker on the "cigarette" lighter plug. I just ran the cable under the tank and am plugging it into a BMW "accessory plug adaptor" that I have plugger into the bike. I actually have a "Y" connector under my tank to plug in the GPS and my XM radio unit. It all tucks nicely next to my battery
    So far so good. It's worked well so far, but I haven't been in any hard rain, yet. I don't really see a problem though since my battery doesn't really get wet.

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