Here we go again, sorry I'm so late putting this up for those who need more time to plan. Last year was pretty cozy with a fairly small group but that worked out nicely as the missus decided she wanted to cook for everyone every day. We ate very well and I don't think anyone went hungry. Her fish tacos are deadly! Especially made with fresh cod caught that morning.

We had a few unexpected expenses last year and we spent plenty on food so this year there will definitely be a registration fee. As in other years I will get shirts printed on demand and with any luck will be prepared to take payment for those via paypal or e-transfer in Canada.

Keeping to the small theme Sarah and I figure we will cap numbers at 20 so she doesn't have my head for all the cooking she'll end up doing but hey, she said she wanted to.

For anyone looking for some dirt to ride I have been scoping out a few more routes in the area for a little amusement. Of course the coastal roads are amazing for plenty of pavement routes to keep people dazzled with scenery.

At least a couple of the rooms in our new moto B&B will be ready to go so those are options for any who want them, otherwise it's tents as has been the norm in previous years.

I'll add more info as I get it.

The doors to the shed will be open!