Hello everyone! Bruce Harris, Jr. here. I'm a long time MOA member but haven't participated in many MOA events over the years. That's about to change soon as I'll be retiring on April 30, 2019. I spend most of my internet motorcycle time over at K1600forum.com as I ride a 2014 K1600 GTL. After retirement in April I plan to spend most of my free time at our local YMCA in an effort to get myself into really good physical condition so that I can safely compete against the clock in my last Iron Butt ride. I plan a 50CC in October 2019 starting in Wilmington, NC and ending in Long Beach, Ca. a distance of 2,604 miles in 50 hours or less. I've successfully completed seven previous IBR rides. Anyone who wishes to join me is welcomed to do so provided you meet or exceed the IBA requirements. In addition to attempting my last IBA ride I have started my first ever fund raiser on behalf of America'sVetDogs.org via a GoFundMe account. If you love our Veterans and their service dogs please consider supporting them at: