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Thread: F850GSA - Lowered Foot Pegs

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    Smile F850GSA - Lowered Foot Pegs

    Suburban Machinery, Inc ( 440-951-6555
    Has a new Lower Foot Peg for the 2019 F850GSA

    Hello Rob,
    > Terry went to our BMW dealer yesterday and has been working on new
    > hardware and installation instructions for your 2019 F850GSA. There
    > will be different installation instructions (and pictures) for the bike's left and right sides.
    > The foot pegs and aluminum collars from the DFR700 will still be used.
    > This new kit will be our DRF850 and includes black plastic spacer
    > washers, which Terry machined. These are needed because longer clevis
    > pins are required along with the newly designed springs.
    Instructions attached to this message
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    Smile update on lowered foot pegs

    I have about 100 miles on the lower foot pegs. They did provided the needed space to relax my knees and make shifting with my motorcycle boots easier, but I would still like them to be a bit lower. I will see what the after market comes up with over the next year, but for now these will do.

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