Our new '17 R1200RT excels in just about every way, but we needed a bit more wind protection than the OEM Comfort Windshield provides. After reading several great reviews of the Aeroflow, we chose one in Medium to see if it would offer better wind management.

It has been a terrific choice! The recurve at the top of the windshield is a significant improvement, carrying windflow over my helmet and taking some of the wind off my shoulders. The improvement is noticeable at all heights, but what really impresses me is that I can raise the windshield just one or two inches from its lowest setting and achieve a very quiet cockpit. All the way up, I'm looking through the windshield which is not preferred, but in rain it actually helps keep my helmet clear and rainsuit reasonably dry.

My passenger says that the windshield works well for her, although she has a less quiet ride than I do. I expect that's the case with just about every windshield, but she reports that the Aeroflow is an improvement over OEM.

As you will see from the pictures, it does have a bit of a purple tint from some angles. I don't care for that, but the improved performance of the windshield over the OEM allows me to live with that.