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Thought I was going to explode the other morning after replacing tires and needing the Mule...a FLAT tire It had a load of limestone rocks in it of course, so pushing it to the compressor wasn't happening. Find portable tank, air it up and head back to Mule parking spot.

Aired it up and used it for chores, parked and came out to it sitting on rim again the next morning..WTF
Aired up, sprayed soap solution around bead, pulled wheel and sprayed backside, put in pool to find slow leak( a chore in itself with an ATV balloon tire)..nothing...Now holding air. Can only think the bead wasn't completely set and my soap solution and over-inflating got it set fully. Lifes mysteries.

It held the last two days...but after posting this I am surely jinxing myself.
You don't live in Shorty's neighborhood do you?