Spent good part of day changing our Kawa Mule tires out...figure the Dunlops were done after 12 seasons
Two recent flats had me finally getting around to them.

Had purchased ATV adapter bead breaker to fit our NoMar as the regular foot just laughed at me the other day when I first tried. It helped, but the tires after that long were a little stubborn, well very stubborn. Got three done with some fine language, the fourth needed some convincing with a Sawzall,chisel and wire cutters on the bead. I'm not enjoyng my day at this point.

After mounting the new tires, setting the bead on cold stiff tires was not happening easily either. Found the starting fluid and my safety glasses and scared the dogs on the first WHOOM...never saw them the rest of afternoon. No matter how many times you do or see that method, it gets your attention

Have made the decision I will not be volunteering to change any more ATV tires and maybe move the Mule up on tire changeout list in the future.

Pictures would have helped, but no one needed to see any of that