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Thread: And the thought of a BMW dealer a distance a way was a problem

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    And the thought of a BMW dealer a distance a way was a problem

    And interesting story on hospital closures on CBS Sunday Mornings-

    I have some friends that when they move whether permeant or seasonal talk about how far to a hospital. I didn't realize the scope of how far it can be....especially after the local ER/Hospital closes.

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    Saw that and have seen it happen in a few areas when regional hospitals were opened ,sometimes an hour away if lucky. Some have since reopened with better backing thankfully.

    We have seen the opposite in our five county region with some new hospitals coming online and as close as twenty miles. The closest ER was an hour away on a good traffic day, a reality I consider when tackling a few chores on property when alone.
    When my two brothers and I were younger, it was real convenient to be 10 minutes away
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    This is not a political post. I propose no partisan solution. That said, health care in general, costs, infant mortality, maternal mortality, hospital access, and other factually measured measures cause the United States to rank somewhere between 30th and 25th on outcomes measures and first or second on costs among the developed nations, and even lower than some 2nd and 3rd world countries on medical outcomes. I don't know the cure (or won't opine here) but it is obvious to me we all should care that changes can be made.

    I live in what I know to be a medical desert or more precisely a medical wasteland. We still have a small hospital 53 miles away. Specialists are about 225 to 250 miles away. To reach my house will take an ambulance 30 minutes to arrive and then 45 minutes to the hospital running lights and siren with a 70 mph speed limit. Some day I will have to move just to be closer to a doctor if I don't die first. At the moment that is a lifestyle choice we have made.

    As a nation we need to all agree how to figure these things out, or at least agree that they need to be figured out; not for me but for my kids and grandkids and their kids.
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    Sunday Morning

    My wife and I watched it also. Good story. Sad result. We have a slightly different issue since moving to rural Michigan. If you call the local Police after 5pm, you get an answering machine. I think that's kind of cool, actually.

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