We're really enjoying our new '17 R1200RT but my wife was having difficulty mounting the passenger seat. Being used to the much lower HD Road Glide and its stable floorboards, I thought she might have an easier time if I installed the Ilium works Lowered Passenger Floorboards (#11-700). Although expensive, these are of good quality and as hoped made mounting the bike a bit easier for her.

Installation was simple, taking just a few minutes. The finish on the floorboards is a pretty close match to the other components of the bike. They seem stable (handled my xxxlbs wife fine and even my 210lbs) and strong. My only suggestion to Ilium would be to tighten up the tolerances a bit - the hinges have more room than needed and so the floorboards have more movement inside the bracket than what I would like. Overall though - nice product that definitely works as advertised.