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Thread: Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Club

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    Vintage BMW Motorcycle Owners Club

    About January Ď18 was when I decided to support/join the Vintage Club.

    It took a month plus to figure out that maybe Iím not a member. Try again. Maybe some more time passes and not sure if Iím a ďMemberĒ or not. April, I think. Even had offers from MOA Members to help. And they did.
    Even got a call from the Club President to help me. Very nice person who went to college with a childhood friend of mine. Riding season and Iím not spending much time on a computer as Iím riding. (And wrenching). In the Fall I tried to ďLog inĒ and unsuccessful as usual.

    Read many pages on their forum for troubleshooting and what interested me personally. Tried to Log in to look at the market section. Gave up.

    This January (Ď19) I thought ď Hey, isnít there supposed to be a Quarterly/ Bi-Annual print version of Club News. A week later I did get ONE.

    Now donít think for a minute that I didnít contribute to the ďFirst Year Member MessĒ. Iím probably responsible for 51% or more. Even after writing down the ďUser Name and PasswordĒ , in the unsuccessful attempts I canít remember which is which. Nothing works. Yes, I did change passwords several times in vain attempts and as suggested. I also realize that the club is all Volunteer.

    All this is not worth the effort and Iíll certainly not renew, but may use an alias and join. Maybe they know me. Only one more try. I hate paying for frustration when there is so much free available. I would have sent this rant to the ďVintageĒ club but I have doubt as to anyone receiving it. Iím really not mad, just dissapointed.

    The Antique Motorcycle Club of America is looking better and better.


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    Charlie -

    Sorry to hear of your issues. As you said, it's all volunteer. The magazine that has been produced lately is quite good from a production standpoint and covers some interesting topics. I submitted an article years ago. The last issue I got was February 2018...comments on the vintage website by the editor indicated he hoped to catch up. But as I understand it, he's running a full-time vintage motorcycle shop...hard to do two things at once.

    I see your account information...I don't think you've posted anything that I can tell. I don't have super admin privileges but I can try and see what's going on with username and password. If you want me to look into it, you can PM your info. I monitor both sites so I would certainly "see" the issue. The webmaster has been otherwise pulled off on other things. The website/forum needs some work but it would need a complete overhaul, not just a tweak here or there. The webmaster wrote the software from scratch...not a generally available product.

    I don't know anything about AMCA, but it might have more people involved. On the vintage site, I've been amazed at the people who have questions about pre-war machines and engines...designs that are way over my head. Of course, you don't have to be a paid member to continue to read and post (if we can work out the issues there) just wouldn't be able to see what's going on in the member area which has club discussions as well as the for sale/buy area. So, if things come to an end with the membership, hang around for the general discussions. With these older machines, it helps to have as many places to go for help. As I posted in another area, I got quite a bit of help from Germany on my petcock issue. It was appreciated.
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    Well, with Kurtís help I was able to Log-in to the Vintage Club. Now that Iím back in, Iíll re-up because I want to support any Organization that I use. Especially one like this.

    Having found myself as a new owner of a í57 Twin, there is a wealth of information online from this Club. I have no idea how little knowledge I would possess without just reading on this Clubs site.

    Disappointed has turned to relief and Iíll re-up for another year or until I do something stupid again.

    Thanks again for you help Kurt.


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