Hello all, I've been married for 22 years, and my wife has never had an incline to learn riding motorcycles. Although recently, she's now enjoyed watching videos I've taken on long trips to Canada and out west and now wants part of it. She is not the type to ride in the back, she says she wants control,.. whatever that means.
Over a year ago we looked into getting her started and she got her motorcycle permit. She has not gotten her endorsement yet, but we keep on practicing. We debated at length what she should start riding with, but she was adamant about "No clutch" and No shifter. So, we purchased a Suzuki Burgman 400. She did well for a while in parking lot, school yard and such but she feels really unsettled on the roads. She's now dropped it 3 times and is afraid of climbing on it again. The Burgman 400 is a respectable 474 lbs bike and not to be taken lightly, I managed 92 mph on it.
Talking to friends and coworkers, she now decided she wants a Can Am Spyder. I never ridden a Spyder, but a 1000cc sport beast,.. Im not sold on that idea. I've read many blogs that says that it is the most popular choice for women ridding for the first time, so it has to speak volume.

Any on here with first hand driving experience on a Can Am Spyder and willing to provide insight on whether it's appropriate for a first time rider?