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Thread: Balancing Weights on new S1000XR Wheels

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    Balancing Weights on new S1000XR Wheels

    My new 2018 XR was delivered to my garage a couple of weeks ago. Iím in Minnesota, so no riding at this time of year. So far, Iíve added a few farkles and in the process noticed that there are no balancing weights on either the front or rear wheels. Iíve owned a lot of bikes and have changed a lot of tires over the years and once in a while I have had a tire/wheel balance perfectly without weights, but Iíve never seen two at the same time on the same bike. Iím wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with a new XR. I suppose itís possible that BMW has balanced the wheels without the tires and that the tires themselves are close enough to perfect to not require any balance weights. Every other new BMW Iíve purchased had at least some balancing weights on both wheels, but this is my first ďSĒ bike. When the weather improves a bit, I will check the balance myself, but Iím curious to know if this is common enough on the S bikes that others have noticed it.

    The tires are Bridgestone Battlax T30ís, my first experience with them.

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    Our last couple of new BMWs did not have weights on the rear wheel and I have seen other new BMWs like this sitting in shops.
    I don't remember seeing any without weights on the front but it's possible.
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    My 2016 came with none. After changing tires (after burning the initial pair), the front had them, and subsequent changes have had the same results (i.e., weights in front but not in back).

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    Itís interesting that this seems to be common, or at least not unusual. I canít wait to ride this bike! Sad to say, the forecast for tomorrow is more snow and below zero weather over the weekend.

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    Well now, see you made me go look! I also find that my new 2019 XR I just got at the end of January does not have any wheel weights on it at all.
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