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Thread: GPS data - loading routes and tracks

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    GPS data - loading routes and tracks

    Here's a helpful tutorial that'll make it easier when you load GPS data onto your device.

    Loading tracks HEADER small.jpg

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    Thanks. I've never tried loading tracks, just routes I've created myself in Base Camp. I've found out most of the information presented by trial and error.

    The part about turning off auto recalculate is important. My route generally only have 2 waypoints, start and end, but several shaping points (all of which are set up in Base Camp) to "do not alert on arrival". If you let it alert on arrival, and you miss the shaping point (by as little as 50 feet) it'll keep trying to get you back to the one you missed, and your arrival time and arrival distance displays will be wrong.

    If you let it recalculate, including adding an intermediate stop on the fly, it'll take you to the next waypoint according to the routing options in the GPS and will ignore any shaping points. I remember one time I was between Baltimore and York, PA on a nice backroad route to Winchester VA. I missed a turn, it recalculated, and wanted to put me on interstates all the way, including going through both Baltimore AND Washington DC - not at all what I wanted to do!

    If you're following a route, it's important to be very close to, or on, the purple line before you ask it to start navigating, because otherwise it'll recalculate the route and ignore the one you've designed.
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