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Thread: 1999 K-1200 RS Final Drive Problems

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    1999 K-1200 RS Final Drive Problems

    Hello fellow MOA members,

    Been wanting to ask this question for along time. Bought this bike used in 2002 with 5,000 miles. Lost the final drive in 7/30/10 10,738. Repaired by BMW new final drive bearing. Then 2/5/15 26,027 new final drive oil 80w-90w. 6/17/15 26,487 again final drive failure, again repaired by BMW. New final drive bearing. Please what can I do, afraid to do a long ride, love this bike except for this problem. In BMW Owner News there was a article June 2017 where they recomended a Liquid Moly 75W140 inthe final drive, has anyone used this . Want to trust this bike.

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    Hey Paxton

    Your bike is considered a Flying Brick model and I will slide this over there soon.

    Typically running 140 is contrary to specs and not recommended. It is used in transmissions for some.
    Was the drive ever shimmed, checked for proper shim or just a bearing replacement? Maybe you do not know, which isn't uncommon.
    There are some other threads at bottom of page to read thru as well.
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