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Thread: Front shock experiment aftermarket 2000 K1200 LT

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    Front shock experiment aftermarket 2000 K1200 LT

    So I have decided I am not buying a used front shock and I am not spending 800 for shocks on the LT, but I have researched what a shock does and assuming my shock is totally crap, anything has to be better than nothing. So, I figure I can look for a similar length shock and spring, made for similar weight ( 400 to 500 per wheel) and put it on the LT. Other than diameter, not much else can go wrong right? If it works it works. If its better its better. If not, it was crap to begin with.

    If it works, then I can so start saving all the other LTs out there.

    What do you think? What length etc do you suggest. We are starting with the front end first.

    If it works, I would like to try maybe raising the bike a bit. How about air shocks?

    Anybody want to weigh in on my chances?

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    There is a bit more to consider. Length is one issue. The load carrying characteristics of the spring is the next issue. The exact top and bottom mounting points also must match the bike. So you really need to be looking for a shock specified for your KLT.

    There are expensive shocks and less expensive shocks and ever cheaper shocks. But there are no generic shocks.

    If it were me I would look for a rebuildable shock that is cheap and have it rebuilt. YMMV
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    Mslacool, you will have quite a time finding shocks with the correct length, spring weights, mounting and valving to work correctly. You will end up spending time and money, then end up buying shocks that were designed to fit your motorcycle anyway.

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    If you are really at that point, and ready to gamble on just about anything, I would think buying a used LT shock would be much less of a risk.
    I know most crashed bikes mess up their front ends, but surely somewhere there is one that got rear-ended, or slid sideways into a tree.
    Seems like a better bet to me.

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