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Thread: Carb Replacement 72 75/5

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    Carb Replacement 72 75/5

    After reading Snowbum’s carb article, I realize my original 64/32/1 and 2 Bing carbs are probably not the best. Plus they need to be completely rebuilt. I’ve decided to go with a slightly newer model /6 or /7 Bing 32mm carb. They should be able to balance easier and according the Snowbum the early Bings were a major headache. Anyway, I found a couple good used ones from a independent dealer. Of my two options which do you guys prefer: One pair 64/32/323 + 324 or the other 64/32/357 + 358? Thanks

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    Well, those carbs are not slightly newer but a number of years past the /6 era. But with any carbs, you're going to have to play the jet game in order to dial them in to your bike. I might prefer to find something that is closer in time to your bike, say the 9/10 or maybe 13/14 carbs. Here's a spec sheet for the various carbs from Duane's site:

    The 323/324 is shown for the R80 (probably the early '80s) and the 357/358 is for the R80GS/R100GS (much later in the '80s). There could be other choices that are more for the 750cc bikes, but I guess it comes down to what's available.
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