Any tips changing the fuel filter on a 2003 K1200GT? Need to get all my parts and tools gathered.

I want to pull the tank and remove the entire fuel unit from the bottom/side. Easier to inspect and change fuel lines and screen, is my thought. Somehow rinse out the tank of there is any dirt or silt inside. Should be an experience.

What parts are required other than the filter. Big enclosure gasket? Several new clamps, fuel tubing, pre filter sock? Napa is $8 and BMW is $43 for the filter. Seems rather high price for a filter.

Another video shows going thru the top and swap out the fuel filter using small hands. Sounds nice for second time I do this chore. First time, I want to see the screen and clean out tanks. No clue what the condition is today.

I see the Air filter 13711464916 is also rather hight priced $43. I will look for a generic one for the Air filter.

Pirates Lair, Boneyardbmw, and MaxBMWmotorcycles are my usual hunting grounds, other than Napa.

Thanks for tips.

Fuel filter 16142325859
Air filter 13711464916