Out of fear of posting a “political” site not posting any links. Seems environmental sites often construed as political. You can google for yourself.

Since I resumed riding after my daughter was grown, when I have a day to kill, I love to get up at day break and ride in Arkansas. At times in the summer evening was almost unreadable from the bugs.

I quickly learned to carry a Windex soaked rag with me because of bugs. I have older riding gear that is badly stained by bug juices. That just does not happen anymore. Have others noticed, the flying bug population is crashing. The street lights used to be nearly obscured by insects and bats swooping in for dinner. I kept a bug zapper near the garden. Had to fight tobacco hornworms on the tomatoes. Corn ear worms and potato bugs could ruin a crop. June bugs and grasshoppers were everywhere, and they hurt. Walking barefoot was an exercise in not getting stung.

Have you noticed the change. I no longer need to keep the Windex rag with me. I do still have to clean when I get gas, just never between gas stops.

Is this good, well I don’t think so.