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Thread: Motorcycling apparently has aerobic benefits!

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    Motorcycling apparently has aerobic benefits!

    I've noted that my new Fitbit watch likes to track my steps when I'm riding my motorcycle. A one-way trip to work is 30 miles, and since I have an additional 3000 steps registered on my watch when I get in to work, the use "fancy math" tells me that I'm averaging 1000 steps per every 10 miles! I ride a glass-smooth R1200GSA with ESA on a few back roads as well as the interstate on my commute, so it's not like my arm is going up and down (which might simulate walking), which would explain why it's falsely registering steps. Interestingly enough, I put the watch in my jacket pocket this morning, where it wasn't pressed tightly against me. I got the exact same result! Anyone else notice this phenomenon when using a Fitbit or even an Apple watch?
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    Seems to be a discussion on a fitbit board:

    Also seems like there's a setting that can be made to account for this...see post part way down the page.
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    As I recall, there was an extensive British study done a few years ago that used proper medical monitors and identified that riding a motorcycle for say 1 hour was equivalent to walking at a slow pace for one hour. The explanation IIRC, was that your body is constantly making small movements as you ride. I can say that anecdotally, my lower back has been better since I got back to riding a motorcycle than it was for the 10 years that I was away from it. I noticed an improvement within the first month. Not saying this would be true for anyone else, nor that my situation is actual or physcosymatic, just that it has helped me and I'll take it even if it is a placebo. ;-)

    My Garmin VivoSmart records a similar benefit on the bike and almost nothing while driving a car. If I'm driving my SUV there is no to virtually no reading. If I'm driving my manual transmission Bullitt Mustang there is always a reading but much less than riding my bike.

    Walking at a "normal pace (3.1 mph) you would take between 2,100 and 2,500 steps per mile (21,000 - 25,000 for 10 miles) depending on inseam and stride. So, your 1,000 per 10 miles equates to the value being around 1/20th that normal walking. Could be, who knows.
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    and helps cognitive functioning


    Can motorcycle riding make you smarter? Science says “yes.” Neuroscientist Ryuta Kawashima worked with teams from Yamaha Japan and Tohoku University, to study the impact of riding on cognitive function.
    For their research, they selected 22 men in their 40s and 50s. The men all had motorcycle licenses but had not ridden for at least 10 years. Half of the participants rode a motorcycle every day for two months; the other half could not. The groups took tests before and after the two month period.
    The bikers scored better. They improved their scores by over 50 percent, while the non-riders saw theirs decrease a bit. According to Dr. Kawashima, the brain is “activated” by motorcycle riding. It makes sense: while motorcyclists constantly work their bodies to operate safely, they must also exercise their brains. Remaining alert and focused is critical — and good for this very important muscle!

    The article also supports riding as a good physical workout.
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    Harley-Davidson commissioned a study and it found motorcycle riding does have benefits in reducing stress and was equivalent to light exercise.

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    And the winner is Motocross

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    Your mileage may very. A day spent on my 650 Suzuki single can result in 45,000 steps. The same ride on my f700 only sees about 2,000 steps

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