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Thread: engine guard question

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    engine guard question

    Hi all...

    I have a pair of Illium Works highway pegs installed on my 05 RT1200. I would like to install an engine guard as well... Seeing Wunderlich and Tourtech guards might work with these highway pegs....

    Can anyone help me figure this out - which would be best?

    Kim in Chico, Ca.

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    At the bottom of this page there are some thread listings that may help you.
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    I have an '07 with Ztechnik's stainless steel guards and Ilium Works foldable highway pegs. They clamp on just fine (once I drifted out the brass pin). I also mounted them with a small amount of old bicycle tubing between the guards and the pegs to prevent them from rotating.

    I like the Ztechnik engine guards because you don't have to remove them for valve adjustments or when you take off the plastic.

    Side note: I've been happy with my HEED rear bars (though I haven't tested them). They appear to be a copy of the Wunderlich bars you are looking at.
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    Thanks guys... I'm going with the Ztechnik....


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