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Thread: Looking for a 1978 R100RS in Harvest Gold

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    These are not the droids we are looking for!

    I feel like I just got jedi mind-tricked!

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    Dug up some photos of the RS I'm seeking.

    • 1978 BMW R100RS in (?) Gold, with the VIN 6182967
    • I did a VIN search: as of 2014 it was titled in PA, and is still titled there. At the time it had about 78k miles on it
    • I'm looking for it for the gentleman who owned the bike from 1988-1995. He sold it to a rider in NY in 1995.

    We've ruled out the gentleman and bike posted on the first page of the thread- thanks!

    Thank you for any help or leads, I really appreciate it.

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