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Thread: brake line routing 78 R100S

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    brake line routing 78 R100S

    Im currently rebuilding the front brakes on my 78 R100S. Calipers are rebuilt, new rotors and pads installed. Thought it all downhill until I installed the rebuilt master cylinder and BMW brand brake lines. I routed the brake line though the rubber grommet mounted on the frame tab. This was the way the previous line was installed, though it was aftermarket. When I tried to connect it to the brake pipe on the slider, there is very little freeplay--instead of running at an arc from the grommet to the pipe, it runs in a straight line. Anyone have a picture of the correct way to route the line?

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    Not sure this will help much, but there are some good pictures on this thread but for an R100RS, so final routing to the brakes might be different:
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