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Thread: volkswagen conversion

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    volkswagen conversion

    Hi. My first time here.I was wondering if anyone out there remembers when somebody was putting volkswagen motors in /2 bikes? I've acquired a Chang Jiang bike and sidecar with a blown motor. I have a R90 engine that I was thinking about using but then I got to thinking about an old conversion that i had seen , /2 drive train-volkswagen engine. Does anyone have any info on such a conversion that I maybe able to use on this Chang? Thank you.

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    George, there's a Yahoo Groups Slash2Conversion mailing list that covers this territory.
    --Darryl Richman, forum liaison

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    There was a nice VW/2 at the Las Vegas Moto Auction this year. I don't think I got a pic, though. I was kind o' rushed.

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    vw conversion

    Thanks Darryl ,for the info. I'll check it out. Thanks again.Geo.

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    vw conversion

    Thanks David for the reply. I have a few photos of two real nice /2 bikes with vw motors from the Natl rally that was held at Madison Ind. back in I think 1989. I'll have to do some more research. Geo.

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    Duane Ausherman hangs around with the vintage folks, and he's had quite a bit of experience with these things:
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    It'd prolly be easier to put the R90 in the Chang. Not that it is impossible to put the VW in, There was some kind of adaptor plate that adapted the VW engine to the /2 trany, and the frame had to be lengthened by about 3" as I recall. I've seen several Urals with Airhead engines adapted. You could probably find some info on that at some Ural sites.
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    VW powered BMW's

    I might be of help in this regard?
    Most VMW owners play on the Yahoo group site VWMOTORCYCLES. Butterfield, Brown, Webley / Vickers, Rosema and Hamm built are all talked about along with pics and discussion on build and repair. Along with VW bikes Bud Burkey plays on this site. His VW motorcycles are 500 HP bikes of top quality build. Come on over and check it out! Hope this helps!


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