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Thread: adjusting 2019 R1250 RT throttle grip resistance

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    adjusting 2019 R1250 RT throttle grip resistance


    Does anyone know how to increase the resistance on the throttle grip for the RT with throttle by wire? It is too easy to roll on/off the throttle and I have not become accustomed to it yet. I basically have to partially palm the end bar weight to allow a more steady throttle control. I am used to a 2000 R1200C that has good tension from a cable wire.

    Attached is a view of the bottom side of the throttle. There is a silver screw (?) that has a specific type head for a specialty tool (guessing.)

    Thanks in advance.

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    First off, congrats on the 1250 acquisition

    Having a bike with TBW, it is a total different feel and input that takes some getting used to as it responds snappy quick to me. When I swap bikes to cable systems it is a large difference.

    Haven't read or heard of any adjustment and would be leery of trying that screw yet. Have you asked the local service department?
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    Quote Originally Posted by henzilla View Post
    First off, congrats on the 1250 acquisition

    ................. Have you asked the local service department?

    Thanks for the congrats.

    No, I have not asked the dealer's tech yet. I guess I can, once I put it in for the first (free) service. I was wondering if anyone knew if it was a possible DIY. It could not hurt to ask since the 1250 RT was still using the prior years' chassis.
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    What riding mode do you have your bike set in, rain, normal, or sport (my names may be wrong, the intent is correct). Your selection will affect the response to the throttle respectively. I found for me keeping it in the "rain" mode work best for my not so sensitive & steady hands. The rain selection does seem to quiet down the WTB control response. Please note, I am not talking about the mode suspension settings for the bike, which are similar in names but refer to single riding, with load, and with two up.
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    That appears to be an "anti-tampering" type of screw. Notice that the screwdriver slot is formed to allow tightening but not loosening. I believe it just holds the throttle housing together. When my '16 RS was new, I inquired of the tech if any "free play" could be adjusted into the throttle as I was having trouble adjusting to the throttle action. He said no- that there was no adjustment in the system. I might suggest that you use "Rain" mode until you get used to it- Less aggressive throttle response. After a few hundred miles I wasn't even thinking about it any more.

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    As others have said use rain mode.

    I had to on the 15 RT for awhile.

    When I got the GS I was ok as I had adjusted to throttle by wire.

    Watch out for bumps as that will snap your wrist and really wake you up.

    Enjoy your new bike and have fun!
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    OP: maybe give it some time? If your past bike was a "stiff throttle" type of machine, you may just be adjusting to the new bike. And ride by wire or throttle by wire may seem a lot different. Dunno.

    I know that when I get a new bike, the prior bike imprinting is massively strong and it take time to adjust to the new steed.

    BTW... my 2016 RTW (going from a non ride by wire (2008 FJR) to a ride by wire) is brilliant in terms of throttle response. Ride by wire is the bees knees.
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    I appreciate all the input. I sort of figured it was something that I will have to get used to. Coming up on my second full week on the new ride, so time will tell. I guess I am going to need to ride it some more as a remedy. More miles, more smiles. So I got that going for me, which is nice.

    We had some rain on Wednesday and I rode with it in RAIN mode. The streets were wet enough for me to switch the mode from ROAD. I really did not notice (or pay more attention to) reaction to the throttle, but I ride easy when wet anyway.

    As I read more about it, the 1-up, 2-up selections are gone as the settings for suspension are automatically adjusted for the weight.

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    I had the same issue on my Triumph. I put brake grease between the handlebar and the grip tube. This added some resistance to the throttle and made it better. Kinda sucks when it gets cold though.

    My biggest issue was when standing, I would flick the throttle on bumps. I guess if I was better at relaxing my grip and holding on more with with my legs, this would be less of an issue.
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