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Thread: How do you clean Gas stain on engine K1200GT 2003

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    How do you clean Gas stain on engine K1200GT 2003


    I have a yellow gas stain on the engine aluminum area. Any idea how to clean it?

    Prior to my ownership (+3 yrs ago), there must have been a gas leak on the connectors. All repairs fixed but there is a yellow gas stain on the engine just above the rear brake peddle. I see the warranty paperwork show the fuel lines and connectors changed.

    Bike is a 2003 K1200GT. Scotchbrite? Leave it alone, nothing good will happen. Put a sticker on it?


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    The best you can do is gently use a heat gun to warm the stain area. Or park in the Sun for a few months. You can minimize the stain, but it will never completely go away.
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    I covered the stain with Wurth silver wheel paint.


    I did not bother with the clear.
    BMW shops used to carry this paint, not sure if they still do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrmull View Post

    Put a sticker on it?

    Well, the MOA is now giving away free stickers in the Gear Shop...
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    Been there...

    The return fuel line on our past 2004 K1200RS let go and spewed gas over me, the bike and Wanda's boots.

    The engine was stained. The only repair that would bring the bike back to "as new", it was new, was to replace the stained pieces.

    After three years of polishing and cleaning, when I traded her in the stains were not that visible. I knew they were there, but to the casual observer they were not that noticeable.

    Enjoy the Brick!

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    Thank you for the suggestions. I will just leave it alone. It doesn't bug me that much, just trying to keep it well maintained.

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